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We increase productivity while improving work-life balance, by providing better compute power to your teams that need it, when they need it, wherever they need it.

Miranex was established to bring the many benefits of Cloud computing to those businesses that use High Performance Compute, data intensive and heavy graphics workloads.

With the latest and high spec compute power available in the Cloud, you don’t need to be restricted by your own equipment, simply use what you need for as long as you need it!

Outsourcing your IT and compute power enables you to concentrate on your core business, freeing up more of your time for the fun stuff!




Miranex Core Values

We operate under our core values Integrity, Development and Well-being.



Our remote desktops and cloud services enable work to be conducted faster and from any location meaning you’re no longer tied to the confines of your office and can work more freely from anywhere. Whether this is from home, the airport, the hotel or your clients’ offices having the ability to work from anywhere enables you to harmonise your work, travel and home life, increasing productivity any better well-being.





Miranex are passionate about new technologies and helping the development of new ideas using our high performance compute power. We want to help small companies to realise their potential by providing the compute power they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, and provide a scalable platform to enable steady growth.

We work with a support a multitude of companies from TV production, Visual FX, CGI, VR/AR, Deep Learning, Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Gaming, online streaming, Big Data, IoT, FinTech, Academia, Distance Learning, Architecture, Design and PLM.

Whatever the requirement for high compute power, we want to make it accessible for all and help develop the World for a better place.



Data is one of the most important business commodities and enables you to advance your technologies, improve your products and stay one step ahead of the competition. For these reasons we know that moving data to the Cloud may be daunting. Miranex operates high data security on multiple levels using the highest tier of datacentre in the UK, enterprise-grade cyber security systems, data encryption, RAID hardware protection and data backup services. We offer multi-factor authentication to ensure access is only given to those intended.

Why work with us?

Our team have been working with and implementing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for over 20 years so you can be confident that our services will be best in class. We use dedicated UK-based datacentres to ensure data protection and we will work closely with you to create a platform that works best for you. We don’t charge by the hour so you can have better control of your costs.

We can design bespoke solutions for your particular requirements and deliver this as a service, or help you implement an on-premis solution.

Implementation is very easy, so you don’t need a degree in IT. We will guide you through implementation and provide support for any issues that may occur.

Our remote desktops integrate easily with your existing IT infrastructure so there will be no complicated configuration process.

We offer Cloud backup services so you can ensure your data is fully protected by duplication and multi-site storage if this is required.



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