Benefits of Remote Desktops

Advantages of the Cloud services are vast but not widely known.

Miranex are now bringing these advantages to all IT users including those operating complex software.


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Cloud and Remote Desktop Benefits

Here are a sample of great advantages that your business can enjoy by using Remote Desktops or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

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Saving IT Costs >

Reduced your IT costs in hardware, software, maintenance and personnel. Also free up office space to be used for something else or reduce your footprint. Reduce electricity and cooling costs. Case studies have shown up to 70% savings!

Environmentally Friendlier >

Reduction of COin reduced hardware production and computing efficiency. Running your IT operation in Cloud data centers makes them more efficient in power consumption and cooling saving in electricity for both and reducing COemissions.

Faster User Performance >

With Remote Desktops, you can increase the specification of your machine as required and on demand. If you need some more RAM, storage, CPU or GPU then we can do that easily within minutes. Never have a slow computer again!

Remote Working >

Employees can now easily work away from the office while using their same work desktop improving the work life balance and reducing inefficient working time.

Flexibility and Scale >

Have the ability to quickly to grow or shrink your team and computer power, by only paying for what you need when you need it. This can be useful to help deliver growth plans without upfront investment, or for companies using many freelance workers.

Global Collaboration >

Users from around the world can see, access and use information on the system, file structure and data stores from the remote desktop enabling faster communication and work. No more transferring larger data sets across the globe and wasting time watching progress bars!

Agility and Progression >

Using remote desktops or Desktop as a Service (DaaS)  enables BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to enable remote working and flexible working. It also reduces costs, read our blog…

Revitalise Aging Laptops >

Super-boost your old laptops but using a high speed remote desktop. Delay or completely avoid your IT hardware refreshing saving thousands on unnecessary IT equipment.

Use your old laptops for longer helping the environment and your bottom line!

Better Cash Flow

Just pay for what you use, when you use it. IT licensing and compute power is paid for on a month by month basis. You don’t need to spend thousands on upfront IT equipment costs.

Follow the Sun Efficiency >

A global team working in different time zones can access a single system easily, making maximum use of your expensive IT equipment. When one person has finished work for the day, the next person can begin where the work was left!

Data, IP & Copyright >

IP and data protection in existing and new markets. No loss of data from stolen or lost hardware

Mobility >

Access all software applications from any device from anywhere using a single desktop interface.

Health and Safety >

By being able to work in any location. Lower risk working environments are now possible due to more accessible computing power. Less travel, less stress.

On-board Contractors and Freelancers >

Any non-permanent employees can easily and securely be given access to company systems without the risk of data being removed. Delivered over TCP/IP there is no need for a VPN, or firewall ports to be opened improving collaboration efficiencies while keeping data secure.

Employ Best In Class >

Geographical location is no longer a barrier to employing the best person for the job. Using remote desktops any Employee around the World will be working directly from your work computers with the power of a High Performance Computer.

Enterprise Grade Software >

Moving to the cloud will instantly mean you will be using the best Enterprise-grade software and operating systems, including increased levels of security and power redundancy. Reduce network downtime, increase productivity and enjoy more functionality.

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