BIM Remote Desktops

What is a BIM Remote Desktop?


BIM Remote Desktops mean that you can use your preferred software any where, even on site, without the need for a powerful laptop.

In fact, you can use your software on any computer, and your data is secure.

All you need is an Internet connection or even a mobile phone 4G signal is suitable.

hand holding iphone5 with AutoCAD CAT drawing

AutoCAD on an iPhone 5. Use complex software on the move.

What is BIM?

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, but is also sometimes called Building Information Management. In short, it is the centralisation and digitisation of the of the construction industry. Traditionally architects, designers and planners have created building blueprints and plans manually using pen and paper. Since the introduction of computers and CAD such drawings have been electronic however on large construction projects there is often a disconnect between what was envisaged, what is possible and what is actually built.

BIM is a global movement aiming to centralise all of the design, engineering and construction work so that multiple companies can integrate their workflows to a consistent set of drawings and files to enable faster fault identification, more efficient work, better decision making and a higher value project.


Business Benefits

  • Save time in communication to site
  • Catch mistakes and conflicts earlier
  • Enable software use on site
  • Monthly subscription, better cashflow
  • Save on IT maintenance
  • Secured data
  • Pay for what you use
  • Add/remove users easily

User Benefits

  • Speed up your work
  • No longer tied to the office desk
  • Work from any location
  • Faster transfer of files and data
  • Increase RAM, GPU, CPU, storage
  • Login from any device
  • No change to workflow
  • Work with any software

BIM Remote Desktop Pricing


  • We can facilitate additional CPU, RAM and storage on request.
  • We can support multiple users on the above profiles to help reduce costs.
  • We can also provide higher specification machines for higher demand workflows and can design/ build bespoke HPC servers for Deep Learning and Machine Learning.


How can a Remote Desktop Help BIM?

In many ways. Software used in AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) need a powerful computer to manage the large file sizes created for large building projects. This usually means they are based in the office, along with the user.

A BIM remote desktop means you do not need a high specification computer and your complex software can be used on any device, anywhere with an Internet connection or 4G hotspot.

This means large files an be easily viewed and manipulated on the project site or at home or on the move. Communication is significantly improved between the site and the office meaning fewer errors, and more time saving.

Also multiple software can be installed on a single BIM remote desktop so you can use specific plugins and there is not change to your workflows.

You data is always secure in your office or in the cloud so no risk of losing data with a stolen laptop.


Which BIM Software Can I use?

We have successfully tested numerous BIM and CAD software. You are free to install any software you wish and use the license that you normally use. You are able to install trial version of various software for trial purposes. If you need any assistance with this, please ask.

The software we have used so far are AutoDesk REVIT, AutoDesk AutoCAD, Bentley, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, APEX, NX, CATIA and TEKLA.


What about Software Licenses?

Miranex provide a subscription license for your Windows operating system, Citrix XenDesktop, and NVIDIA GPU. We are also able to provide most Microsoft products for an additional monthly fee.

For any specific CAD or other software, the user or business would need to provide these. License keys for most software are easily transferred and can be removed when not being used. In some cases a license server ifs required to be installed which Miranex are happy to help with.

Benefits of Our Services

Ready, Steady, Go!

Provision new desktops in minutes, remove them when they’re not needed.

Reduce IT Costs

No large investment in IT equipment needed. Pay only for what you use.

Increase Compute Power

Work faster, reduce development time frame, increase profitability.

Pay for what you use

Reduce project IT costs by leasing high spec desktops for days or weeks.

24/7 Remote Access, Anywhere

Securely remotely access and use your HPC server from wherever you are, with your data safe on your server.



You data is protected through multi-tiered security design to prevent data loss or theft, using the highest standard Tier 4 UK Data Center.