Data Backup

Automated BaaS – Backup as a Service

All of your company data is secure in our data center, it need never leave your dedicated system if this is your business requirement. Miranex are able to back-up any data you require and design a back-up strategy to ensure that your data will never be lost and your business is protected.f-site storage.

Multi Format Backup

Whether you are a VDI customer of only need want to back up your data, this service is offered and can be made to various platforms including HDD, SDD, tape, USB or mirrored secure collocated datacentre.

Quick Easy Agent Install

Miranex can offer a managed backup of individual PCs, MAC Book, Linux desktops/workstations through the installation of a “backup agent” (which can then backup & restore individual files on that laptop/pc) or Miranex can backup a Windows or Linux file server by installing a local client agent.


Dedicated On Site Back-up Server

For additional resilience and fast immediate data restore, a third option is to backup files of a Shared Drive (NFS or Windows SMB share or SAN/NAS share). The ideal solution (and most cost effective for the customer) is for the customer to copy all relevant data onto a “Backup-Share” provided off our Backup Appliance (physical Server with minimum of 8 SATA drives configured as RAID-6 for max protection) which then backs-up all relevant data from the appliance. In fact the appliance has a dual role: 1. Central File Share Repository in the office and 2. Backup Appliance doing compression & data de-duplication including replication to remote Miranex DC for long term archiving and archives to Tape with option for remote off-site storage.

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