High Performance Compute

HPC Solutions UK

Improve your simulation and testing times by using cloud-based high performance compute. Reduce project overheads and commercialise your project quickly.

We design, procure and deliver HPC solutions for your requirements. We use the latest NVIDIA GRID technology most suited to your project.

We supply hardware to the UK for private cloud or host HPC solutions for global access from our secure UK Data Center.

Host your HPC locally or in our secure cloud.

Lease time on our existing HPC stack to keep development costs low and increase value to your project.


Cloud or Locally Hosted

Host your HPC server locally, or in the Miranex Tier 4 secure data center.

Custom Design

Select the best hardware for your requirements and for your budget to get the best fastest results possible.


Faster Tests and Simulation

Using the latest NVIDIA GPU technology significantly speed up your computation, more accurate and faster results.

Improve Project Viability

Lower development costs by leasing a HPC server in the cloud, you only pay for the compute you use, improving project viability.

24/7 Remote Access, Anywhere

Securely remotely access and use your HPC server from wherever you are, with your data safe on your server.

No IT Expenditure

In the Cloud, you pay on a daily basis for what you use. No large investment in IT equipment needed.

Increase Complexity

Run more accurate calculations more quickly by using greater compute, improving project performance.



You data is protected through multi-tiered security design to prevent data loss or theft, using the highest standard Tier 4 UK Data Center.

No Waiting

Keep control of your projects. You manage your sever and your data so need to wait for a third party to manage your jobs for you.

Simulations and HPC Software

Use simulation software such as ANSYS, CATIA and NT, or other bespoke software for your complex calculations.

GPU Remote Desktops

Find out more about our GPU and HPC services.

Our Services

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Your Software

Complex software compatible with NVIDIA GRID.