Applications and Use Cases for Remote Desktops

Our remote desktops can be used in every industry and the are many applications for use. If you use complex software either for compute or for graphics then we have a Cloud solution for you. Even if you only use standard office non-specialised software, we have a great solution.

Graphics acceleration in virtual desktops can be deployed to Power Users and Knowledge Users to enable their graphics-intensive workflows to be conducted in the Miranex secure Cloud, freeing-up the need for high performance expensive workstations in the office, and enabling thee workers to work remotely or in new markets.

Here are a small selection of use cases for accelerated remote desktops.


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motorbike cycle bike ST9 Solid Edge Siemens CAD CAE Design AutoCAD SolidWorks Siemens

Design and simulate on any computer. Take your workstation with you!

CAD Design and Engineering

Use software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Pro Engineer and others without the need for a high spec desktop workstation. Design from any device from any location, with an Accelerated Desktop.

genome dna academia deep learning double helix HPC

Perform Academic research high performance compute in the cloud

Academia HPC and Deep Learning

Conduct High Performance Computation projects on a Cloud platform to free local IT resource. Manage power and cooling demands, data backup, security, accessibility and enable fast growth of ground breaking projects.

Hotel rendered revit CAD architect design

Design and render in the cloud without the need for expensive IT equipment.

Architecture, Design and BIM

Design and render all in one place. Remove cumbersome workstations from the office and virtualise workflows. Increase compute power as needed for a specific project and time. Work on location as you would in the office.

clap board action tv film production entertainment virtual studios

Editing on location, 3D design or cloud render desktops.

Media, TV and Entertainment

Edit on location with complex software such as AVID and Adobe Premiere, without the need to a powerful laptop. Render large scenes quickly with more GPU power. Reduce your power consumption and increase your office space by moving to the cloud.

finance banking bull bear stocks shares buy sell

Watch 4 x 4k screens for stocks and shares trading without the large IT infrastructure.

Finance Banking and FinTech

Time is money. Get better information more quickly, and make quicker, more accurate decisions. Move your financial analysis systems to the Cloud and easily increase the speed of data analysis stream multiple monitors to your office or floor. Free valuable retail space from your building.

Small Oil Rig Tug Boat exploration mining

Cut costs of exploration by reducing IT equipment and enable secure global working

Oil, Gas and Geo Exploration

Analyse sensitive huge data sets easily on location and view the results easily in the same desktop. Use GPU acceleration in the Cloud to work on software such as Petrel, Kingston and Tempest from any device. No need to buy and maintain expensive heavy duty workstations any more!

jet plane F22 defense flight sky fighter flying

Collaborate globally with other Engineers on projects by logging into the same computer from any browser.

Aviation and Aerospace

If you need to design on the move or in your clients’ offices then our accelerated remote desktops can help you. Access your high-powered cloud workstation from any device and use it as if it were right next to you. Simulate more quickly by using Cloud HPC remote desktops.

Sport soccer fifa pro evo big screen gaming

Design, render and stream games in the Cloud using GPU acceleration.


Stream 3D games from the Cloud or use the render capacity to design and render game scenes more quickly. Collaborate with teams around the world to make projects more efficient and improve development time.

AR VR Augmented Reality Virtual Reality hololens man white shirt

Develop new VR and AR journeys with Cloud technology

VR AR Augmented Reality

Stream Augmented Reality data from the cloud directly to the end User. Remove the need for a local laptop of computer on location and just use a simple thin client.

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