GPU DaaS Remote Desktop Pricing


Miranex GPU Remote Desktops are perfect for designers and modelers wanting to use the benefits of the cloud and access awesome GPU compute power from any location.

Secured data accessible on any device while using your favorite programs.


  • Easy set-up

  • No additional charges for data transfer

  • Dedicated persistent desktop

  • Flexible system design

  • We can facilitate additional CPU, RAM and storage on request.
  • We can support multiple users on the above profiles to help reduce costs.
  • We can also provide higher specification machines for higher demand workflows and can design/ build bespoke HPC servers for Deep Learning and Machine Learning.


We are flexible to your needs and can add additional compute power to your remote desktop. Guidance pricing for additional items are below, please contact us if you have a request.

Additional Compute Resource Per Day Per month
1 CPU Core ( = 2 vCPU) £9.20 £255 (35p/core/hr)
1 GB of RAM
(up to 192GB max.)
£0.37 £7.95
1 GB storage, SAS £0.10 £0.55
1 GB of Storage
£0.11 £0.50
1 GB storage, SSD £0.47 £1.65

* Cores (vCPUs), RAM and storage can be increased at an additional charge as requested, see below.