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Miranex were invited by Siemens, Cutting Edge and Magenta PLM to exhibit at the Solid Edge University event hosted at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, UK in September 2017.

Over 300 customers and users of Siemens Solid Edge attended to learn about the latest improvements and features in the latest ST10 release along with the advancement in Digital Twin, Additive Manufacturing, 3D scanning and Reverse Engineering.

The day consisted of lectures, specific workshops and an exhibition area of related technologies including AMD GPU, 3D Scanning, Keyshot software, 3D printing and hardware resellers and of course Miranex offering their cutting edge GPU CAD Remote Desktops.

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Hundreds of Solid Edge users attend ST10 lecture for Solid Edge

Next Generation Engineering: How to use Solid Edge and the latest ST10 Improvements

Solid Edge expert Oliver Duncan and colleagues presented to a packed theatre explaining the latest revolutionary features of ST10 Solid Works. Here are just two of the main new features that we think are worth a mention:

Generative Design Optimisation

The main amazing feature of this version was the ability of Generative Design. When using ST10 when you have created your basic design you are able to use the new function to automatically optimise the design for stress and mass within the parameter that you have stated. As such Solid Edge will improve your design to, for example, reduce weight or size while staying within the structure and load parameters that you have defined. This is very impressive and can save a significant amount of design time, while saving on material and transport costs.

You’re then able to export this directly as triangulated data for additive manufacturing removing another manual step in the workflow offering more savings.

Siemens Convergent Modelling

Siemens convergent modelling is the ability to import 3D scan data from existing physical parts and create a 3D model within Solid Edge. This is a really useful feature for reverse engineering and has the potential to be very disruptive in the manufacturing market place. It will enable any one to recreate a product which had gone out of production, or you will be able to create a spare part for any product. Not only can this revolutionise the spare parts market but also in the future it enable any one to ‘send’ a part or product from any location in the world and for it to be re-created elsewhere negating the need for transport or costly patterns to be designed.


Solid Edge in the Cloud and CAD PLM GPU Remote Desktops

Miranex offers GPU Remote Desktops meaning that Solid Edge and other CAD and CFD users do not need a powerful laptop or desktop to run their complex software. The platform is an ideal way to enable working on graphics or compute intensive software from any remote location on any device.

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Design and simulate on any computer. Take your workstation with you!

All you need in a 4G mobile internet connection and you can log in from any computer to your secure GPU remote desktop and continue working as normal. You can see video of these working on our webpage or Youtube channel.

Whether you spend a lot of time travelling or you want to virtualise your whole office, the Miranex GPU Remote Desktops are a great cost effective and future proof solution. If you’re looking to move to the cloud and still want to use complex software, please get in touch or visit our website


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