Study into Future of GPU and HPC Remote Desktops

Miranex engaged with Manchester University to help with identifying the best emerging markets for their new innovative cloud technology. They welcomed the three students from the business school completing the Business Analysis and Strategic Management (BASM) to conduct an in depth study into the most favourable emerging markets for GPU Cloud.

Congratulations to Business Masters Graduates Xianglin Luo, Wanjun Zhao and Ki Shing Chau for completing their study into the future marketing of GPU-accelerated Remote Desktops for their final project.

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Manchester University BASM Business Masters graduates complete a study into the Best Target Markets for GPU Remote Desktops for Future Growth.

Which Industries use Remote Desktops?

The in-depth study looked at industries including Healthcare, Energy, Oil and Gas, Media and Entertainment, Finance, VR/AR, Big Data, Deep Learning, FINECH, Higher Education and Engineering using the PESTLE analysis amongst other techniques. These included the available budgets in new cloud technologies, suitability to the sector, and potential growth.

Where are the Best Uses for Remote Desktops?

The results were interesting. Edward Green, MD of Miranex said “ this is a really thorough investigation, and has resulted in some very interesting findings that have made us reconsider our target markets and in some cases change tack altogether. With an early adopter product like GPU-DaaS, it key to ensure you focus on the sectors who are closest to adoption, and this report has helped guide our strategy over the next 18 months.”

The group found that GPU Remote Desktops are most suitable for 3 key sectors in the UK at this time, including in Deep Learning and Higher Education where GPU VDI would provide a much better alternative to the best laptop for Engineering students, and distance learning.

If you would like a summary of the report, please contact us.

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