How Do Remote Desktops Work?

Our remote desktops are delivered securely over the public internet. We provide you with a web link, a username and password and away you go! Use any web browser on any device to access your secure personal remote desktop. Never worry about losing your laptop again!

There is no need for the user to use a VPN to connect, removing the frustrating issues and drop in productivity that VPN can cause.

VDI vs DaaS vs Remote Desktops vs Hosted

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is common IT industry term but can also come under a number of other names such as DaaS (Desktop as a Service), Remote Desktops, Terminal Servers, Hosted Desktops or Virtual Desktops. There are slight differences between the technology and application but they all deliver a virtual desktop environment to the end user, as such all of the data and computation is done not on the local computer device.

Need HPC?


This video explains how Miranex, Citrix and NVIDIA have teamed up to deliver GPU performance over the public cloud. This enables Power Users to use complex graphics software from the cloud, from anywhere.


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CITRIX NVIDIA XenDesktop Tutorial

This tutorial takes you through logging into a Miranex Remote Desktop and shows the seamless use of Siemens Solid Edge ST9 CAD software.

It also shows how you can use access the GPU remote desktop on your phone or over a 4G wireless mobile phone hotspot connection.

GPU-Accelerated Remote Desktops




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CITRIX How Do I Copy and Paste?

With Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop remote desktops you can transfer up to 4GB just by ‘dragging and dropping’. This video shows how files can be easily transferred from your local laptop or device.

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